cardboard dog house by Vicente Castanon-Rumebe

Cardboard Dog House

The design challenge was to create a portable doghouse constructed out of corrugated cardboard which would be sold, distributed, and stored as a flat package. It had to be designed with the structural strength to cope with a typical home environment. The manufacturer had to cut the pieces out of a single sheet of cardboard. Sets of instruction were also produced to aid the consumer in the assembly of the final product using only illustrations. The instructions had to be easy to understand and follow.

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written byAsmita Prasad

Hundehutte Dog House is all cardboard and no fuss

If your dog is anything like the pooches I’ve encountered in my life, chances are you already know that canines and anything made of cardboard just don’t get along and leaving a dog alone in a room with a cardboard box/sheet is a surefire invitation for the dog to go bonkers with it. The fact is pretty much common knowledge, which is why we were more than baffled to find this particular dog house concept that its designer intends to fashion entirely out of cardboard sheets. The brainchild of Ontario-based industrial design student Vicente Castanon-Rumebe, the Hundehutte Dog House basically intends to give dog owners the option of having a recyclable, low-fuss, DIY cardboard house for dogs that can be easily assembled and transported. The Hundehutte Dog House is designed with the structural strength to cope with a typical home environment and has enough space inside to fit most adult dogs of medium to large built.

Constructed out of a single sheet of corrugated cardboard, the Hundehutte Dog House presents the classic doghouse in a very modern and urban light. Perfect for people on the move who may need to lodge in a hotel or hostel for a certain amount of time, people who are moving homes and need a space for their pet but do not want to carry a bulky dog house with them, or even people living in apartments short on space that cannot accommodate a full-size dog house, the concept allows dog owners just the kind of flexibility they need without having to invite their pooch to sleep in the bed with them. The shape of the Hundehutte Dog House has been designed keeping the comfort and preferences of dogs at the forefront. The dog house is easy for the pooch to crawl into and get out of providing them with the safe sanctuary that they need and allowing their owners the flexibility of having an easy to store and maintain dog house. Though the cardboard construction of the concept may invite mischief from particularly spirited dogs, repairing and replacing the low cost and recycling-friendly dog house would be less of heartache even for dog owners on a budget.

The portable doghouse is to be sold, distributed and stored as a flat package to allow the product to be as environmentally forward as possible by keeping packaging costs down. The Hundehutte Dog House is also very cost effective to produce since the pieces are to be cut out of a single sheet of cardboard which also helps keep the final cost of the design down. The sets of instruction offered with the Hundehutte Dog House use only illustration to aid the consumer in the assembly of the final product to allow the product to be sold globally without making alterations for consumers with different language preferences.

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written byMarco Russo

Cardboard dog house

A project developed by Canadian designer Vicente Castanon-Rumebe, a concept conceived with the objective of creating a doghouse that was both easily transportable and mountable. An eco-friendly shelter made entirely of corrugated cardboard, composed of only three parts to joint that don’t require glue or other assembly tools. Through the use of a single sheet of cardboard offers low production costs, while keeping a high structural strength and an excellent level of comfort, ideal for dealing with a typical home environment and the needs of our pet friends.