Celtic Island architecture Vince Castanon-Rumebe

Celtic Island

The project on Celtic Island is a direct response to the site and it’s needs from the equestrian community of the Blenheim Flats. The site is a 3-hectare piece of land located in the Southlands area of the City of Vancouver. The hypothetically rezoning from RA-1 to Comprehensive Development of the land would provide desirable amenities including a boutique hotel, live/work studio, and live/ride townhomes for equestrians.

Currently this land is used for equestrian breeding, private workshops, and industrial storage.

A revised site plan allocates 2 hectares of land for parks, wildlife, and market gardens as outlined in the project brief. The remainder of the land is an outpost consisting of a boutique hotel containing a bistro, a general store and post office. 36 residential units will be added to the site – 18 Live/Work Studios for artists and 18 Live/Ride Townhouses for equestrians. Each equestrian townhouse will have an attached stall and turnout for one horse.

The proposed solution repurposes a shipyard cradle structure to house a space for public use (low-key dances, performances, markets, etc.)

The proposed site plan above, aims to maximize green space. The idea is to create relations between the programmatic elements. The roads that comes into the site are the umbilical cord to the rest of the city and are shared with a pedestrian/equestrian trail which become connected with the existing trails off site.

live/ride townhouse
hotel on Celtic Island plans
Hotel rendering showing the relationship of the differnt user existing in one moment.
Rendering of the loby and stairs going up to the rooms.